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Digital Monitoring | Press Reviews | Analysis & Reports

Professional & selective Media Monitoring

MMO Media Market Observer offers a comprehensive media monitoring service for Austria and Europe. We offer digital press reviews, media analysis, Social Media Reports and TV/radio alerts.

Selective and flexible Monitoring Service!

Daily Online Media Platform for your clips & Keytopics!

We provide a PRESS, WEB and RADIO/TV Monitoring Service via Mail or Online Platform. MMO allows individual, focused analyses of your PR work, but also automatically delivers details such as AVE, size of article, edition and equivalence values.

Social Media Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring, advice and recommendations for Facebook, Twitter and co. – you get it all from a single source: from us.


  • Media Monitoring (Press, Web & Radio/TV)
  • Social Media Monitoring (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Co.)
  • Media Analysis (AVE, Tendency, client reports, ...)
  • Social Media Reports (Selective Information, Blog-News, Facebook-Monitor, etc...
  • All available on our Online Media Platform.